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Burglaries, invasion and damage…..

March 30, 2010

As you can probably see from the title I am in a slightly venomous mood today after a phone call from my sister last night…. The conversation started with “I just thought I’d better call you to let you know that Mum and Dad have been broken into…..”

……….. It stopped me in my tracks………

Mum and Dad live in a nice area,

they have a house alarm (which incidentally the neighbours heard and did bugger all about)

They take the care and time to ensure their house is locked up EVERY time they leave

and even have window locks on everything…..

Well it seems that the opportunists have struck as the house was unmanned for all of 2.5 hours and someone took it upon themselves to mount over the giant fence or gate into the back garden and lob the top of a large stone bird bath in through the kitchen window (into Mum’s brand new kitchen I hasten to add – which now needs new flooring in places and a marble worktop rebuff and a new cupboard door etc etc)

The person did not mind that they had set the alarms off or were professional enough to be confident about the time they had….. and proceeded to ransack the house for jewellery and cash…..

……. taking, rather than the truly financially worthy stuff, the sentimental things, like something Dad first bought Mum and things my sister and I had made for Mum….. and the giant pig piggy bank that has always sat on my Dad’s bedside table……

Upon returning to the house my mother, on her own, rings the police stating she does not know if anyone is still about in the house…..  The police phone her back an hour later to enquire about her broken window!!!! Then upon clarification they still take a further hour to arrive there from 5 minutes up the road!!  Is this what we pay a wad of our council taxes for!!!

Mum and Dad could then not clear/clean the house or secure the window as forensics needed to come and dust the place…. a simple procedure you may think…. NO again the forensic team could not come until some time today so gaping open window, glass everywhere, the feeling that someone uninvited has rifled through your home and your possessions (if it was me I would be gloving up with the bleach and throwing whatever I could into the washing machine!!)

So all in all my rant entails, what do we pay our police force part of the council tax for…. a two hour wait and then 24 hours for forensics!!! and what is the world coming to when the neighbours won’t even ring the police about a house alarm going off in a nice neighbourhood and when the alarm isn’t one of those faulty pieces of crap that you hear sounding from the moment the owners leave the house till the moment of their return!

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