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Designer for the day on the freeform CAL!!!

March 24, 2010

OOooooo I have posted my freeform pattern instructions for the day onto Ravelry and they should be a little more relaxed after the wonderfully hard core crotchet donated by Miss Salmeen yesterday, which added a fabulous border to tidy up one or corners and links some of the flappy bits of my freeform.  However I have some horrid gaps appearing in my work…..

Hence the instructions for today!!

Ha Ha!!!
**March 24th**

I have fallen in love with several things in the course of the freeform and one is popcorn stitches, another flowers and a third is the dimensions in all the gorgeous freeforms, so my instructions are a combination of all these things (I couldn’t choose just one!!)

I want you to find some nice bright itty bits of wool that you have lying around/stashed for little works of art purposes (I have a drawer full of teeny balls of wool) and choose a comfy hook.    Now choose option 1 or 2!!!

1.  If you are like me and you have some odd gaps appearing on the freeform, today I want you to fill them! with either popcorn stitches (see earlier posting for links) or flowers (a la the ones in Gyspy Dancers post earlier) and hey when you’re done with gap filling go mad and do a few more!!!

2. If you haven’t any odd gaps to fill, find a lonely bit of freeform you have not touched in a while and make at least one flower and crotchet at least 10 popcorn stitches to add some more dimension.

Now thats not bad is it….. I could have made you crotchet with some wire!!! (was sorely tempted lol)

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