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Cakes and Visitors (includes sponge recipe)

March 21, 2010

I have now finished scrubbing my house from top to bottom using my wonderful green cleaners in honor of the fact that the clan are descending later on today.  I have hoovered, cleaned all the bathrooms and continue to be impressed by the cleaning power of my green multipurpose spray which is a water bicarb and vinegar mix with some lavender or lemon oil to add some yummy fragrance or an antibacterial element.

I also decided to put on my Suzy home maker head and baked and iced a cake for the occasion!

Its a basic Victoria sponge recipe

6oz caster sugar, 6 oz margarine, 3 eggs, 6 oz self raising flour and some vanilla essence.

Basically, you cream together the sugar, vanilla essence and the margarine, whisk in the eggs, add the flour stir it all up till it forms a good smooth mixture and then divide into 2 cake tins.

For this one I doubled the recipe so I baked it at 190 c for about 35 minutes, but for the single recipe I usually do 20 minutes baking time.

I then used some of my mum’s homemade raspberry jam (I think there is a tinge of alcohol in it) and then made up some butter icing creaming together icing sugar and butter and spreading through the middle of the two cakes.

YUM!! and perfect for having with a cup of tea with the clan!!

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