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The Riverfront Spring Sessions…..

March 20, 2010

Well after finishing school on Friday I raced over to set up at the Riverfront for the latest Spring Session. (for those of you that don’t know them its a vintage and craft boutique market and open mic night at a local theatre) The stall was set in record time, the car parked nearby, coffee bought from the little cafe/bar and so I sat down to knit and await the arrival of the hoardes of customers.

Shortly after a film crew arrived from Wedi Tri on S4C (Welsh language television) and began wandering around doing some candid shots and some interviews with crafters/stallholders that spoke Welsh (phew thankfully not me!!)  Then they decided to film an excerpt at my stall!!!

I then found myself staring down the barrel of a lens and the cameraman was asking if I minded if he took some shots of my work…. Not at all said me and carried on with my knitting…

Then he asked if he could film me knitting ok eek thinks me as I had come stright from school with no change of clothing or make up top ups!! Ugh I dread to see what that comes out like!!!

Any hoo overall I was amused by this but not amused at the hideous rain which seemed to keep everyone but the odd family member or friend of the open mic line up away from the Riverfront!!! All in all the worst market so far at this venue!!!  Debates were had on whether it was just the weather or the absence of the lovely Rachel!

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