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More craftiness!!

March 8, 2010

This Blog post needs to be an update on the weekend of general productivity and craftiness that was had!!

Firstly I managed to finally clear and prune the garden.  I hate the garden in the winter it looks so barren and yuck!! BUT it was cheering to see that the loosestrife are on the grow and there are now a few green spires showing through which means that I may yet have one or two daffodils and tulips!  I have also forked down the compost heap and taken the first mulch of the year from the bottom using it to mulch the area in which I plan to grow my veg crops this year, well some of them at least.

I have cooked a yummy fishermans pie and a blackberry, raspberry and apple pie yum!!!! ( i think I must have been too busy eating these to photograph them but I may post the recipes later)

I have managed to write up and publish 2 more patterns on Rav and Etsy this weekend (see the blog posts about the ambia acarf and the babies everywhere!! for the links)

I have knitted a mobile cosy and completed some more baby sets as well as delivering them to their recipients the gorgeous baby F being the most recent to recieve!!

I have completed some more of the CAL’s and this is how they are looking now!!

This is the mystery CAL and I still have no idea what it could be although it is a nice piece of colourwork!!

And this one is my rather interesting looking freeform CAL which I feel loks remarkably sea creature esque!! at the moment anyway!!!

I am loving the new stitches I am learning and especially love the popcorn stitch I feel the rumblings of a new pattern design here!!

Now on to crotchet a tad more to follow todays instructions!!

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