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The Ambia Scarf

March 7, 2010

Another unveiling!!!! BOY this has been a productive but busy few weeks and writing it all up is timeconsuming in itself!! let alone typing up patterns and photographing it all!!! Lol.

Back before Christmas I knitted a beret for my stall

(my simple baggy beret pattern) which I sold to a friend in school who went on to request that I make her a matching scarf with pockets for her ickle hands to keep warm!!  Now I have an annoying tendency to bargain buy wools in small batch to make small projects and do you think I save ball bands??? Well a resounding NO is the answer to that!!!

So having a weeny scrap of yarn I went off to hunt the yarn down.  I knew it was Bergere De France Alaska, but could I remember the colour??? NO!!! Did I write it down??? NO!!!!  Eventually I managed to find my original stockist OPEN at a time I could get there SHOCK!!! and there were four balls of the lovely stuff squished into a cubby practically on the floor and in the wall!! lol

Then I had to design the darn thing.  I wanted a simple scarf pattern, with pockets large enough to be cosy so I fiddled about and frogged a couple of times (carefully as I was limited on the yarn!!) and Ta Da!!!! the Ambia Scarf!!!

This Pattern for the Ambia Glove Pockets Scarf is available on Ravelry and in my Etsy store!!!

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