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Babies Babies everywhere!!!!

March 6, 2010

Well in school at the moment and amongst me friends from home/school in fact all around people seem to be popping and having babies!! 2 in the last week and a half, 3 in the last month and I think at last count there are now about 11 or 12 due later this year!!!!

I made a promise to myself before Christmas that as many of the gifts, needed for Christmas and now for this year, as possible were going to hand made.  Hence many friends had handmade stitch markers for Christmas or homemade fruit vodkas, Mum had a shawl painstakingly hand knitted, dad had a Scarf, sister some owlings gloves and some earrings and various other gloves and hats were made some of my own patterns yet to be written up and posted and some from some lovely patterns on Rav and in Simply Knitting!!

So back in January I started the baby hat making and made some shoes from another pattern to go with the snug as a bug in a rug hat.  I completed and posted off these following the birth of my friend’s baby boy (considerately she decided to find out!!!)  When I thought why should I scour patterns to choose shoes to go with the hats I can make up my own!!! Well after several test knit ghastly green cotton varieties!!! Here a sneak preview of ballet shoes and the bootees variety sets a la my extended snug in a bug design!!!

and still on the needles is the sock variety knitted in blue as the next baby due in the set is going to be a boy (another considerate parent allowing not to have to knit in neutrals/cream!!!)

I hae posted the bootee, sock and ballet shoes patterns onto Ravelry and Etsy!!  And value for money they come all in one pattern!!

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