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A Gorgeous Day Out in Cardiff

February 19, 2010

Tuesday I had the fortune to spend an entire day with my friend Jennie in Cardiff.  Where we drank copious amounts of coffee/chocolate, ate cake, BLT sarnies and mooched in a few shops.

She has mistakenly introduced me to the bead shop and the button shop in the high street and castle arcades in town and after spending too much money again on items I had to have!!!

mmmmmm these are gonna look fab on some of my bags!!

I have now been super productive and created a mass of jewellery, stitch markers and and and all to go onto my shop as soon and the photography inclination hits me!!

a tantalising hint at some of the stitch markers and necklaces soon to hit my Etsy store and my online shop!

Such Productivity!!! I astound myself at times!!! lol

We also managed a stint in the museum which mostly was closed for the refurbishment of the exhibits including my favourite impressionist Gallery but we were fortunate enough to see the art gallery, which currently contains a small Rembrandt exhibit, which has the portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet in 1657 as the centrepiece as well as a few sketches.  we are both hoping for another visit in Easter to see the refurbished displays and the Artes Mundi which was excellent the last time I saw it!!  After a day of grey skies and drizzle I loved the way the sun managed to come out just as we were walking along the upper gallery and shine through the dome parts of the ceiling.

The ceiling turned sooo pink!

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  1. February 20, 2010 8:38 pm

    It was indeed a good day. I’ve been too preoccupied with the Shawl of Doom to make much, but I’m hoping to get imaginitive with my pearl beads next week. I’ll show you Thursday if I come up with anything.

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