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AHHH Ash Wednesday!

February 17, 2010

Well the slight scream at the start of the post means that the time of year is here again when I give up chocolate and all chocolatey substances (e.g. hot chocolate, mochas, nutella, and a wealth of other yummy goodness) until EASTER!!  I’ll admit it upfront. I’m a straight up, hard core chocoholic. I eat chocolate probably twice a day, every single day and have been for years.

The wondrous period of Lent, where I seem to have given up something usually I must admit chocolate since the age of about 12 when it was added to the something to do list at school (being that it was a christian boarding school)   Thankfully Lent usually breaks the ddictive habits for almost a year, well at least till Christmas, and I hope it will come hand in hand with a start to lose some more weight!!  Always a good thing!

Thankfully I am not alone in this years struggle I have persuaded the lovely Jennie to join me on this!!  I agree with her statement that it will be fine for the first few days then cravings will start then everywhere I look there will be chocolate parading itself around the supermarket aisles and yes I wholeheartedly agree this will lead to baking frenzies of the non-chocolate variety  although in my case I have not banned sweets and cakes like Jen.

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  1. February 21, 2010 8:44 pm

    Hey, you didn’t persuade me, I was already there! I’m not feeling it yet, although I strangely felt guilty today that I ate crisps (even though I’ve not given them up). I think maybe some corner of my mind thinks I’m giving up all rubbish food, and wants to punish me for my two indulgences of crisps and (non-chocolate, of course) biscuits. Not that I’ve had any biscuits yet either (strange guilt feeling stopped me buying them!). I need more religious fasting events – I’d be thin in half no time!

    • elliefantsdelights permalink
      February 22, 2010 5:47 pm

      Hoorah!!! Ok sorry joint desicion then??? lol I’m happily eating biscuits but seem to be avoiding things like cake and sweets too strangely!!! I know what you mean about the strange guilt feeling though!! and yes I think we’ll both see some weight shifted with this new fasting!!! I feel thinner already lol (ooops no that must be cos I am wearing my comfy work gear!!)

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