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Simple Living Update

January 10, 2010

This month I have been fortunate enough to have received India Knight’s Thrift Book for Christmas which I have instantly devoured!  Her prose make for wonderfully simple reading and the subject matter is of intense interest to me at the moment for mainly financial reasons though also for environmental and lifestyle ones too! I would recommend this book whole heartedly to anyone wanting some tips for frugal living without feeling deprived!  Also Elspeth Thompson’s The Wonderful Weekend Book which is coming out with some fantastic ideas for days off etc…

Boxing Day my Dad became bored and after my bemoanings about the cost of bird tables for my garden he promptly built me what can only be described as a bird restaurant!! It is now painted so this needs constructing back into table form,  as some assembly required to allow for the thing to fit in my car!!  Then it can be put up in the garden   (photos to follow)

I have also acquired an energy monitor thanks to the lovely electric company (waiting the 28 day delivery thing as yet!)  to allow me to monitor daily usage of electric in the house and minimise it! exciting times!! goodbye silly huge bills and wastage!!

I am also impressed at the hardiness of my ickle onion plants which seem to be growing nicely in the planter in the garden so far despite the snow, ice, frost, rain, hail etc over the past fortnight though the numbers have sadly depleted from the test 12 to about 8 or 9 (for one I am uncertain of the onionyness it may be grass or a weed!!)

Nearly time for carrot planting though I may start these off indoors and wait for the ground to defrost a little before planting them.  I dont fancy the idea of chiseling out the clay soil as despite much liming and sanding 3 months ago it still looks at tad on the clay side.  I have now bought myself a small put up green house for the patio and a large planter for some spud growing.  The garden has been inspected and I have made some plans for a redesign and also put plans into place for the veggie plots which will mainly be on the patio other than the parnips and some carrots which will go into the ground where I moved the composter from in the summer!  All in all I plan to grow tomatoes in the hanging baskets, potatoes, courgettes, beans, carrots, beetroot, onions, broccoli, strawberries, herbs and aubergines in pots on the patio and parsnips and carrots in the ground space.  I am also planning to grow some more flowers and bedding plants from seed this year to convert my plant borders into mixed borders rather than just shrubberies (ooo Monty Python!)

And finally I plan to keep a one sentence journal…. where sentences are written as often as… but one at a time could be one a day or per hour or per week…..

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  1. January 14, 2010 12:18 am

    The Thrift Book is amazing!

    I got it for a friend, and want one for myself!

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