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BBC Filming!!

September 20, 2009

Well what a hectic week!!

After contending with hideous traffic, Monday night Faith, Helen, myself, Tora, Karen and Helen all descended on Princes Cafe in Pontypridd for the inital round of filming made up of pan pasts, close ups and sound bytes by the looks.  A cute cafe, lovely cream cakes and lots of coffee later and a discussion or two about knitting, textiles and wonderwool and we had a wrap!

Thursday Night again conteding with awful traffic I battled my way across town collecting Judy, Ivy and Karen en route before arriving at the lovely rennovated Insole Court for round two of the filming.  We were set out in a panelled room with cakes, crisps and nibbles in lovely bucket chairs.  The lighting was not much cop but the beeb seemed very pleased with the filming after we were instructed to have some conversations about knitting!! lol

Finally, then after zooming home from a course and cleaning the house the beeb invaded, much to the interest of the neighbours!! After attempting to suggest they filmed in the kitchen (a resounding no from me as I had cleaned the lounge and not so much the kitchen!!)) They rearranged some furniture and I grabbed the side table from the spare room to use as a stool for Machelle’s spinning wheel.  So filming and interviewing began for Machelle!  Buca was hopping about on the sofa befriending the sound man, Polly was banished to the spare room and after an attempt by each of the cats at a moment of fame we had a wrap at about half eight!!  They reckon on the programme being screened on BBC2 Wales in November and they also hope to sell the programme to BBC4 for additional screenings!!  Yikes!!!

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