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One last design….

November 8, 2014

…. I have been working on…..

I think I shall call it vintage snug….
It has a double thickness brim which has a button detail and is very snuggly round the ears!!


Mental note I really must get going on writing up these patterns, that’s now three this week…. Owl hats, Vintage Snug and Hippy Happy hats and mitts…. Oops!!!

Some little owl hats!

November 7, 2014

I have been designing some hats again!!!!

This time the sizings will run from baby through to adult!!! Oo get me!!! If I ever find a minute to write up the pattern!!



Not that you can tell from the photos here is a adult one and a baby one, larger baby one is in the finishing basket still yet to acquire a face!! I have sewn felt and buttons on one for the face and for the other I have crocheted the eyes and sewn on the beak….. Which do you all prefer??

I think I like the crocheted one better over the felt….. It felt quicker to do…. As I had to go find sewing thread for the felt which meant navigating the mess in my craft room, which still has not recovered from the wedding crafting!!

Hippy happy hats and mittens

November 5, 2014

Ok so the title is led somewhat by the book the Super Smile shop which my class enjoyed this half term!!!

I have made a couple of hats for some friends, who if they turn up to market this weekend will get em!!! Finally!!!!

One friend decided she rather liked one of my handspun yarns and the other couldn’t miss out so here they are!!! Hats that you can open the top of!!! Useful for one friend cos of the mountain of gorgeous dreds!!!!




Oh and I had some yarn left from one hat so I knit up some mitts to match a hat!!! Even after using my new pom-pom maker!! (Thanks Jen!) to make all the fluffy goodness of the pom poms!!!

I shall be writing up the pattern when I get five and publishing it on Ravelry and on Etsy

A blanket!

November 3, 2014

I have now finished, I.e. Woven in the ends of a blanket I have made from a book that one of my lovely knitter friends gave me for my birthday this year!!


I increased the size of the edging to make a slightly bigger blanket….

But it’s so cute and has trains on it!!!


Some finished hoods

November 1, 2014

My friend asked me to knit a hood “a cat” for her little girl and I have loved knitting this pattern (from the Velvet Acorn on Ravelry) that I have knit a couple!!!

This is the original one that I need to post out for little Ava

Then an adult one for the stall….


Then there is a cream one in my finishing basket still…..

Oo then I got bored of knitting foxes, wolves, cats etc and wiggled the pattern a bit and made a steggie!!!!



Ok it’s been a month….

October 31, 2014

Hello!!! Apologies it’s been a month since my last post on here. We have been very busy over at Tyddyn Bryn and I have been through a bit of a phase of I don’t want to sew up stuff I just want to sit and knit!!! So I, much to James’ horror started a finishing off basket and when this was overflowing I decided to finish some stuff!!!!

A commissioned caterpillar hat

A baby hat for the stall….

And loads of other stuff that shall follow in some subsequent posts!!!
And shhhhh don’t tell James but there is still stuff in the finishing basket and I’ve cast on something again!!! Te he!!!

My Flore Sweater

September 28, 2014

I have finished my Flore!!!!

This sweater is a Ravelry pattern and made from year I got at the 2013 Wonderwool!!! So deep stash I guess!!!


LOVE!!! Now need to be awake enough to make it to knit night so I can wear it out for the first time!!!


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