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July 22, 2014

Not me I hasten to add as I cook in about a minute in the sun!! I have been finding the cats particularly my old boy lounging in various sun patches around the house over the last few days and the also seem to follow the sun patches in a specific routine!!! Kitchen or lounge in the morning depending on the cat!!






Landing in the afternoon!

Ahh to be a pudding!!!

But back to the grand summer house clean!!! I’m on floor two now!! Final dress fitting tomorrow, floor three Thursday and then hair and Polly vaccinations on Friday before heading down to the farm to see how wild everything has grown again after a few weeks away!!!

A very belated post!

July 12, 2014

I finally unpacked the bag of wonderwool purchases!! I’ve kept it bagged until the end is in sight for the wedding knitting and yup with three weeks to go!!!!! The end is now in sight!!!


I bought lots of stuff to spin including a fab Sara’s crafts roving to spin for a hat for James!! Then a few rovings of lets give it a go spinning!! And some gorgeous sweet Georgia yarns!! DK weight in a three fab colours!!! I have a design in plotting mode for these!!

Checking in!

July 3, 2014

I have been really lax about updating here recently!!! No wait…. Positive influx!!!!! I have been super busy with the wedding meetings, the immense amount of school work, the farm (see my Tyddyn Bryn blog) with working the land and getting quotes….. I have also been to the welsh game fair with James down in LLanelli, I have been at markets as normal….. I have had my dress fitting!!!!!

But I am still knitting!!!!! And gardening in my little veg patches (looking forward to being able to garden in the small holdings big veg patches when we create them!!)

I have a finished pair of socks to photograph, two shawls -a Multnomah and a green peacock! both for the wedding awaiting blocking and another shawl of my own design well under way…. A crochet blanket or two under starters orders one more than the other, but that is all I can say at the moment…. And my mother’s Adamas shawl for the wedding almost finished!!! One more pattern repeat and an edging chart to do!!!!!

I will take some time this weekend after market and hair appointments to photograph/block and dig out the projects that need some photo love!!!
Oof and I’m trying the blond highlights again pre the wedding!!!! Squeee!!!!! Less than a month to go!!!!!!

In the meantime…..

I’ll leave you with a close up of the mini miss Z’s bridesmaids shoes!!! We had to take a photo so James could see!! And she has grown into her bridesmaids dress!!! Hope her little cardi still fits!!!!

Still working in the garden!

May 28, 2014

Just because we are working on site clearance at Tyddyn Bryn doesn’t mean we are stopping veg production at home yet!!!





The courgettes are in, the tomatoes into grow bags, the cucumber being repotted, the peas and lettuce are doing well, the beetroots not so as I think they were old seeds…..

We have also taste pulling up an elephant garlic!!


Hermione socks

May 26, 2014

I have been knitting away again and have finally gotten round to publishing a post of my Hermione socks!!



Ahhh purple!!! And so warm!!!! Oops just in time for summer!!!
I have also been working on a few other projects….. I have finished James’ Who socks from the yarn I bought at unravel, I am now designing a pair of socks….. I have finished the green peacock shawl, started the Multnomah, gotten to pattern repeat 11 of 14 on the Adamas shawl (each repeat is currently taking the tired brain about two and a half hours…) so I need to get some blocking going and some photos a taking!!!

Some yarn dyeing goodness!!

May 2, 2014

I managed somewhere in the craziness of the Easter Holidays to have a day of yarn dyeing….


I am now waiting for the yarn to dry before uploading it into the etsy shops!! Yes I said shops!!! I have rebranded Elliefants to be Tyddyn Bryn on Etsy and I will be starting to put some of the yarns in here and I will put some in the Jelliebean yarns store as normal. Increasingly I will be moving the yarns across to the Tyddyn Bryn store!!!

Wedding Corsages

May 1, 2014


Loads done…..
15 left to do…..
In that I need to make 15 more pink flowers and sew them onto the corsages!!
Woo hoo!!!!!

Oo and the bouquets are wired!!!


Now just need to crack on and finish the sewing and the ropes!!!


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